Power in your hands.

Tools for a borderless democracy.

For everyone, anywhere.


Proof of Humanity.

Decentralized human identity.
Built for Ethereum blockchains.

Self Sovereign.

No servers or databases are used.
Control your identity with any Ethereum wallet.

Privacy Preserving.

No biometrics or real names are required.
Just a quick video that proves your humanity.

Perpetually Verifiable.

Audit any profile without permission.
Open source and democratic.

Eradicating poverty via decentralization 💧

UBI is a Universal Basic Income token that gets streamed using Ethereum to verified Proof of Humanity profiles.
From a grandparent in Buenos Aires to young children in Mumbai: everyone gets the same amount.

Humanitarian Vaults

Contribute to the success of UBI and Proof of Humanity by leveraging ETH.
Keep ETH or DAI in our smart contract vaults and help burn UBI tokens using yield.

Keep exposure to crypto.

Staked crypto is kept on a digital vault.
You'll get equivalent ubiETH or ubiDAI tokens.

Earn ~5% APY Interest.

ETH or DAI is lended via Yearn Finance.
Earn the cumulative interest.

Burn 🔥 UBI with yield.

Half the yield is used to buy UBI.
UBI is then burned, reducing its supply.

White Papers.

The Social Smart Contract (2017) and our peer reviewed Who Watches the Watchmen (2020) paper describe our vision for democracy.

The Foundation.

We are a 501 (c) 3 not for profit foundation recognized by leading organizations.

Santiago Siri 🇦🇷

Pia Mancini 🇮🇹

Herb Stephens 🇺🇸